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Red Hill Quartet: Home


Welcome to the Red Hill Quartet web site. Thanks for dropping by.

The Red Hill Quartet is an eclectic Los Angeles based jazz group comprised of top musicians from varied backgrounds who have come together to create the music they want to play. The members bring the influences of African, Indian, and Middle Eastern music while being solidly entrenched in the jazz tradition. This unique blend has generated enthusiastic response from traditional jazz audiences as well as those who never considered themselves jazz fans. The band has been playing clubs, concerts, and festivals in the Los Angeles area and their most recent CD, "Analog Man in a Digital World" is getting international airplay.

The band is based in Echo Park, an old hilly area northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Over the years, it has been home to many artists, musicians, and social and political activists. During the 1920s and 30s, the press came to call it Red HillĀ because of the perceived subversive activities of its residents. Over the years it has continued to nurture the spirit of art in all its humanistic expressions. The band is privileged to be based in this unique setting and draws its name and inspiration from the area and its artistic environment.