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Posted on December 31, 2010 with 3 comments
In 1977 Ricky and I, along with guitarist Joe Gaeta, had a band called Luther Lane. Members included trombonist Davey Dahlsten, bass player George Prado and drummer Mike Kowalski. One of the band's biggest supporters was Dub Taylor, the head of Varese Saraband Records. Even though the label was primarily known for contemporary classical music and had distribution mainly in Europe, Dub really wanted to do an album by the band. Since Varese had no studios in Los Angeles, Dub delivered 2 Ampex multitrack tape decks, a Tascam board and some outboard effects processors to our studio and left them for us to play with for 3 months. The result was an album titled "Other Places", which did surprisingly well considering Varese had little distribution in this country and were not set up to promote a jazz band. It's an interesting album on a number of levels. Ricky had just discovered the possibilities inherent in incorporating a synth and each side (this was an LP) was conceived as a full piece with [...]
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